Fast & Secure Web Browser

RedApp is a browser with a lot of cool features, allowing you to have more choices than the current popular browsers

+ Search Intelligently
+ Private Browsing and Tracking Protection
+ Fast, smart, integrates many great add-ons, security and energy efficient
+ Full-featured Download Manager
+ File Manager with high security
+ Player Manager with many attractive features
+ Sharing Manager with nearby devices is great
+ And More...

Now, let's start exploring RedApp together!


1. How to download file from a specific link?

Tap and hold on image or document link in Browser to start download, or simply click on the link

Or choose Downloads tab, tap (+) button at right bottom corner to start download a file or download a cover image of video YouTube link

2. How to play video or audio link in the background?

Tap and hold on media link (YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud) to start player. And wait a few seconds

3. How to add media link to Watch Later ?

Tap and hold media link (YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud) -> Choose Add to Watch Later

4. How to share files to nearby devices?

Choose Sharing Tab -> Start Using Sharing.

Add files to your shared folder: Documents, Photos, Videos, Audios or Public

5. How to transfer files directly via Wi-Fi or WebDAV?

Choose Wi-Fi Sharing-> Start Using Wi-Fi -> Access files via provided link
Or choose WebDAV Sharing -> Start Using WebDAV -> Access files via provided link

With this provided link, you can access it via your other devices (mobiles or PCs). All files will be transferred to File Transfer folder directly

6. How to chat with nearby devices?

Start Using Sharing -> Tap Chat button -> Continue tap Near Me button at bottom right corner -> Choose a device to start chat

7. How to manage downloaded files or transferred files with high privacy and security?

With Secure Box feature, let you protect your files better. For example: you can encrypt files, organize files in folders etc.

8. What is Music Pocket?

Music Pocket is place to store and organize music links or video links that saved from YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud. Music Pocket will help you remember and access quickly to favorite music, don’t much time to find it again in Browser. Beside that, you can add Apple Music or other media files to here too

9. How to set password for my shared folder?

Select a shared folder like Documents, Photos, Videos, Audios or Public -> Select more icon button at top right -> Set Password

10. how to request desktop site instead of mobile site?

Tap and hold on address url bar -> Request Desktop Site

And More....

About us:

- MQ Production is a team developing application for iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad).
- Founded: Jul 9, 2018.
- Founders: Tran Anh Minh, Tran Anh Quan

More Questions?

We can’t improve our application if you don’t talk to us. So if you have any problems or feature requests, please email us at . We will get back to you as soon as possible!